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Early Stage Researcher and Experienced Researcher Positions
- InteGeR Marie Curie Initial Training Network , Various locations

Description: Several 3-year Early Stage Researcher (predoctoral) and 2-year Experienced Researcher (postdoctoral) fellowships are available with the InteGeR Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN).

The InteGeR (Integrated Gene Regulation) ITN consists of 10 partners located in 5 European countries. The main aim of the InteGeR ITN is to provide high level training by using state-of-the-art genomic, proteomic and imaging approaches in investigating gene regulation, from trans-acting factors through to nuclear structure, in cellular differentiation. Specific research directions of the InteGeR ITN are as follows:

  1. Transcription factor function as master regulators of differentiation
  2. Chromatin structure and epigenetic modifications in cellular memory
  3. Spatial nuclear organisation of gene interactions and gene activity
Positions are available in the following labs:

Partner NameLocationProject TitleType of Position Available
Valerio Orlando

Telethon Institute
Rome, Italy
Role of genome 3D organization and nuclear noncoding RNA metabolism in the epigenetic regulation of cell identityOne Early Stage Researcher
One Experienced Researcher
(available immediately)
Dimitris Thanos

Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens,
Athens, Greece
Global roles of macroH2A in gene regulation during ES cell differentiationOne Experienced Researcher
(available immediately)
Ana Pombo

MRC Clinical Sciences Center,
London, UK
Role of poised RNA polymerase II complexes in genome architecture and epigenetic regulation in ES cell differentiationOne Early Stage Researcher
(available from June 2009)
Jiannis Ragoussis

Wellcome Trust Center for Human Genetics,
Oxford, UK
Quantitative analysis of transcription factor-DNA binding site affinitiesOne Early Stage Researcher
(available immediately)
Wouter de Laat

Hubrecht Institute,
Utrecht, the Netherlands
Analysis of the functional significance of nuclear architecture by 4C technologyOne Early Stage Researcher
(available from June 2009)
Tom Burr
Source BioScience Plc,
Nottingham, UK
Bioinformatic analysis of massively parallel sequencing dataOne Early Stage Researcher
(available immediately)

Application Details: Candidates should contact either each partner directly or Dr. John Strouboulis, coordinator of the InteGeR ITN (Using contact link below)

Contact: Dr. John Strouboulis

Closing Date: Check with institute

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