Reading Romance Novels during COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has affected everyone’s life. Readers do not make any exception. So what changes does the market of online reading have to go through? What are the current trends? Do readers prefer drama or romance novels online? Let’s check out some statistical details!

Changes in reading

Physical distancing caused by the COVID-19 pandemic means more time at home. Does it necessarily mean more time to read? According to the survey conducted by BookNet, 59% of respondents are reading about the same amount and 38% are reading more. Most of the respondents who read more are women between 25-34 years old, while those who read less are mainly men between 45-64 years old.

Discovering books

The major ways to discover books are word-of-mouth, online book retailers, social media, and online media. According to the above-mentioned survey, these options are especially popular among readers who are 34 and below.

Among women who are referring to social media, 83% use Wattpad, 80% Pinterest, 64% Snapchat, and 61% Goodreads. The growing popularity is observed for WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Reddit. Meanwhile, Instagram and Reddit have higher percentages of account holders in the 18-34 age group.

Those readers who discover books via podcasts, 54% are represented by men. At the same time, those readers who discover books from libraries are mainly women in the age of 25-34 (31%). Bookstore discovery is the highest among the readers in the age of 45-54 (22%).

Almost 28% of readers borrow books from the public library by checking the details with public library staff or in catalogs, reader lists, newsletters, or other library sources. Huge popularity has been taken by books from social media, which covers over 40%. The most popular social media resources include Facebook (78%) and YouTube (75%).

The Final Word

Generally, 72% of survey respondents stated that the frequency of their visits hasn’t changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who enjoy reading, do it regardless of the external factors. Also, the number of options to pick up a free book has become big enough to satisfy the needs of the most demanding readers. You just need to find the most reliable source where the collection of books is available under the most attractive terms and conditions. That way, you will create an environment where you can get the most pleasant reading experience!

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