Cyber Attacks: Threats and Possible Consequences

Currently, computer security is becoming increasingly important. This is due to the increasing volume of incoming information, improving the means of its storage, transmission, and processing. The translation of a significant part of information into electronic form, the use of local and global networks pose a completely new threat to confidential information.

Computer crimes in this aspect can be described as unlawful attacks on the economic security of entrepreneurship, in which the object or instrument of crime is a computer. The source of this type of threat can be internal (employees of the company), external (for example, competitors), mixed (customers are external, and the contractor is an employee of the company). As practice shows, the vast majority of such crimes are committed by company employees. So, don’t postpone checking cyber security pricing and entrusting professionals to take care of your personal security.

What Is the Direct Object of Computer Crime?

It can be both information (data) and the computer programs themselves. A criminal obtains access to protected information without the permission of its owner or owner or in violation of the established access procedure. The methods of such unauthorized access to computer information can be different:

·       A theft of an information carrier,

·       violation of information protection means,

·       the use of someone else’s name,

·       changing the code or address of a technical device,

·       submitting fictitious documents for the right to access information,

·       installing recording equipment connected to data transmission channels.

Moreover, access can be made in the premises of the company, where the media are stored, from a computer in the workplace, from a local network, or a global network.

All threats to information security objects by the method of influence can be grouped as follows:

·       informational;

·       physical;

·       organizational and legal;

·       software and mathematics;

·       electronic.

Consequences of Cyber Attacks

consequences of cyber attacks can be the following:

·       copying information (the original is preserved); a change in the content of information compared to that which was previously;

·       information blocking - impossibility of its use when saving information;

·       destruction of information without the possibility of its recovery;

·       disruption of the operation of a computer, a computer system, or their network.

You’re recommended to take care of your security beforehand not to face the listed consequences.

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