What is The Epigenome NoE?

Network Members in Madrid 2008
The Epigenome NoE Members

Europe has many world-leading laboratories in epigenetic research. Based on two diverse proposals, The Epigenome Network of Excellence (NoE) originally merged 25 research groups, plus 26 associate members and 12 NETs. This consortium has successfully negotiated within the Framework 6 Programme (FP6) of the European Union (EU) for a grant of 12.5 M€ to establish a coherent European Research Area (ERA) in epigenetic research during the next 5 years (2004-2009). Since then, additional NET and associate members have joined the network, which now consists of 81 research groups.

The NoE has created a Virtual Core Institute with three important aims:

  1. To advance scientific discoveries via a joint research programme
  2. To integrate young colleagues via the NET-programme
  3. To establish an open dialogue by building interactive websites for both the scientific community and general public

The joint programme of activities (JPA) is composed of 24 work packages to strengthen joint research, integration and dissemination. The launch of The Epigenome NoE under FP6 can only be regarded as a founding incentive, and additional funds are required for the durable shaping of the proposed structure.

The Epigenome NoE officially started in June 2004 and has now reached its functional size. It aims to provide clear and visible benefits for the entire epigenetic community and as such supports both members and non-members with conferences, work-shops, training visits and shared resources. It is the vision of this NoE to develop a powerful framework that can assimilate existing synergies and maintain European epigenetic research as a world-leading force.

International support for The Epigenome NoE is provided by a scientific advisory board comprising of D. Allis (New York), S. Elgin (St. Louis), P. Jones (Los Angeles), R. Martienssen (CSHL), V. Pirrotta (New Jersey), J. Rine (Berkeley), and C. Wu (NIH).

Networks of Excellence (NoEs) are a funding instrument introduced with the Framework 6 Programme of the European Commission with the goal to strengthen scientific excellence by integrating, at a European level, the critical mass of resources and expertise required to provide leadership for a particular research topic within Europe as well as constituting a world force.

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