Training Fellowships

Funds are available for short term training visits to laboratories within the The Epigenome Network of Excellence. These funds are provided by the European Union Framework 6 Programme to advance epigenetic research.

Post-doctoral and graduate student researchers from any European laboratory, within or outside The Epigenome NoE, can be funded for visits of 1 to 8 weeks (maximum funds €1,300 per month) to any Epigenome NoE member laboratory, including Permanent, Associate and NET member labs.

Potential trainees should directly contact member laboratories (see listings) to discuss and arrange such training visits. Funds will be allocated in retrospect on an annual basis to the host laboratory.

In addition the NoE provides travel bursaries for PhD students from NoE teams to explore post-doc opportunities within the "Epigenome" NoE.

In exceptional circumstances, funds may also be available to aid post-doctoral and graduate student researchers attendance at workshops or courses organised by NoE members.

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