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CyMATE, Cytosine Methylation Analysis Tool for Everybody, is an online tool suitable for analyzing data from bisulfite sequencing independent of the sequence context of the C residues (that means also outside CpG). This was developed mainly for plant DNA analysis, but there is growing evidence that non-CpG methylation occurs also in other organisms. The tool helps to quantify mC in different perspectives and gives nice, colorful graphic outputs in pdf format.

The online software, including a user guide and sample files, is freely available for use at the GMI website:

Journal paper:

Hetzl J, Foerster AM, Raidl G, Mittelsten Scheid O
CyMATE: a new tool for methylation analysis of plant genomic DNA after bisulphite sequencing.
Plant J. 2007 Jul 25;51(3):526-536.   PubMed Abstract

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