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Research Focus: Imprinting and epigenetic reprogramming in mammalian development

Lab leader photoEpigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation are of great importance for post-genomic functional biology of mammals. Epigenetic marks such as DNA methylation and chromatin modifications play key roles in development and differentiation, and their deregulation is implicated in human genetic diseases and in cancer. We are studying genomic imprinting, both its mechanisms andits functions in development and after birth. We also study epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation in early embryos, germ cells, and stem cells, and are interested in the role of epigenetic reprogramming in cloning and stem cell plasticity. We are applying findings from mouse models to clinical studies of human genetic disorders through established clinical collaborations.

Contact Information

Wolf Reik - Senior Scientist

The Babraham Institute
[email protected]
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Tel: +44 1223 496 338  ||  Fax: +44 1223 496 015
Laboratory of Developmental Genetics
Babraham Institute

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