West, KL Lab Profile

Research Focus: The role of chromatin unfolding proteins in gene expression and DNA repair

Eukaryotic DNA is packaged into a highly folded and dynamic structure called chromatin. This inhibits the ability of regulatory factors to access their DNA targets, and plays a major role in regulating gene expression. HMGN proteins help to unfold chromatin, allowing the DNA to be transcribed more efficiently in vitro HMGNs also influence the pattern of histone modifications, resulting in altered gene expression profiles. We are investigating how HMGNs modulate chromatin structure and influence transcription in vivo. We are also studying the role of HMGNs in DNA repair. We have previously shown that HMGN1 assists in the repair of DNA damage caused by ionising radiation. We are investigating the mechanisms involved and whether the expression of different HMGN isoforms modulates the response of cancers to treatment.

Contact Information

Katherine West - Group leader

University of Glasgow
[email protected]
Tel: +44 (0)141 211 6329
Western Infirmary (Pathology)
Dumbarton Road
Glasgow, UK

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