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Research Focus: Chromosome specific gene regulation

We are interested in understanding chromosome specific regulatory functions. In particular, we are studying Painting of fourth, POF, a chromosome specific protein in Drosophila. POF represents the first example of an autosome specific protein. It binds to chromosome 4 in D. melanogaster, initiating at the proximal region followed by a spreading dependent on chromosome 4-specific sequences or structures. Chromosome-specific gene regulation is known thus far only as a mechanism to equalize the transcriptional activity of the single male X chromosome with that of the two female X chromosomes. In Drosophila, a complex including the MSL (Male Specific Lethal) proteins, “paints” the male X chromosome, mediating its hypertranscription, explained to some extent by the acetylation of lysine 16 on histone H4. POF binding to an autosome, the F-element, is conserved in genus Drosophila indicating functional conservation of the autosome specificity. Our results suggest that POF is involved in a chromosome (autosome) specific regulatory function.

Contact Information

Jan Larsson - associate professor

Umeå University


Umeå University, Sweden

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