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Research Focus: Integrating Chromosome Structure and Function

Lab leader photoWe aim to understand the spatial organisation of the genome inside of our cells and how this affects genome function. The human genome is not a linear string of letters but a dynamic and three dimensional complex of DNA with proteins and RNA. Epigenetic information on genome function and gene regulation is encoded in the way that the DNA sequence is folded up with proteins within chromosomes and within the nucleus. We are looking - aided by the light microscope and fluorescent coloured tags - at the spatial organisation of our genome inside of cells. The questions that we are asking are: Where are different human chromosomes located in the cell nucleus? Where are genes located when they are active or inactive? Can DNA sequences move around in the nucleus? What proteins organise the nucleus and the genome? How does this level of organisation influence gene function.

Contact Information

Wendy Bickmore - Senior Scientist

MRC Human Genetics Unit
[email protected]
Tel: +44 131 332 2471  ||  Fax: +44 131 467 8456
Crewe Road

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