Walter Lab Profile

Research Focus: Epigenomics, Nuclear reprogramming, DNA-methylation, Genomic Imprinting

Research in the lab focusses on three main areas:
1. Epigenomic profiling: Our main interest is to understand where and when DNA-methylation patterns are generated and maintained during development and their potential use as diagnostic markers. We are developing new experimental procedures and software for DNA-methylation analysis.
2. Nuclear reprogramming: We are investigating the timing and molecular mechanisms of epigenetic reprogramming (DNA-methylation and chromatin-modifications) during early phases of mammalian development and germ cell maturation.
3. Genomic Imprinting: We are characterizing the regulation (expression and regulatory elements) of imprinted genes using molecular and genetic approaches. We are also using comparative genomics to define imprinting control elements and the evolution of imprinting mechanisms.

Contact Information

Joern Walter - Senior Scientist

Saarland University
[email protected]
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Tel: +49 681 032 4367
Dept. Genetics/Epigenetics
66041 Saarbr├╝cken, Germany

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