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Post-Doctoral and Lab Biologist
- IMCB, Singapore, Singapore

Description: Positions are available to motivated scientists interested in the study of chromatin dynamics, with a particular focus on Arginine and Lysine Methylation. Relevant Publications:

  • Myc-binding-site recognition in the human genome is determined by chromatin context. Nature Cell Biology 8, 764-770 (2006).

  • Methylation of histone H3R2 by PRMT6 and H3K4 by an MLL complex are mutually exclusive. Nature 449, 933-937 (2007).

Post-translational modifications (PTMs) of histones convey epigenetic information that extends the coding potential of nucleic acids, a phenomenon that has been commonly referred to as the “histone code”. PTMs are regulated by- and in turn influence the role of key transcription factors. The interplay between these transcription factors, chromatin modifying enzymes and chromatin structure is of central importance in normal cell homeostasis and cancer. We will 1) investigate the role of Arginine- and Lysine-Methyltransferases in shaping of epigenetic landscapes and cellular identity, and 2) assess the role of these enzymes in epigenetic deregulation linked to cancer.

Qualifications: Experience in molecular biology (DNA/ RNA), biochemistry and/or stem cell biology is preferred. Background in the study of epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation, chromatin structure and/or transcription is appreciated, but not mandatory.

Salary Details: The stipend allows for comfortable living in Singapore. The exact amount depends on the applicant’s experience.

Application Details: Positions are available from August 2008. Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the positions have been filled. Please send CV, a statement of research interests, names and e-mail addresses of referees to Ernesto Guccione at [email protected].

Contact: Ernesto Guccione

More Information: IMCB

Closing Date: Check with institute

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