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Post-doctoral positions in Epigenetics
- Epigenetics and Cell Fate, Paris, France

Description: The Unit of Epigenetics and Cell Fate is a new research centre focusing on the role of epigenetic regulation in cellular differentiation programs. The Unit is located in a new building in the heart of Paris supported by funding from the CNRS, INSERM and the Université Paris‐Diderot, Paris 7. The Unit is committed to training young researchers and students in the field of epigenetics and stem cell differentiation. This multidisciplinary research centre provides state‐of‐the‐art facilities including confocal microscopy and imaging, flow cytometry, a pathogen‐free animal house and histology facility, bioinformatics support, mass spectrophotometry and genome‐wide technologies.

The founding groups of the Epigenetics and Cell Fate centre are:

  • Claire ROUGEULLE: Epigenetics of the X chromosome
  • Claire FRANCASTEL: Nuclear architecture & epigenetic control of differentiation
  • Valérie MEZGER: Development and environment interface
  • Pierre‐Antoine DEFOSSEZ: Functional domains of eukaryotic genomes
  • Slimane AIT‐SI‐ALI: Epigenetic dynamics and cell differentiation
  • Jonathan WEITZMAN: Plasticity of cellular phenotypes

The Centre is currently seeking highly‐motivated and experienced postdoctoral fellows for three funded positions (available summer/fall 2008):
  • Novel non‐coding RNAs potentially involved in X‐inactivation and the study of X chromosome inactivation in the context of human embryonic stem cells (Claire Rougeulle’s group). Two positions funded by INSERM Avenir and the ERC.
  • Search for novel oncoproteins regulating epigenetic events during tumour cell transformation and metastasis (Jonathan Weitzman’s group). One position funded by the AICR.

Qualifications: Approaches used include ES cell culture and manipulation, chromatin profiling, the functional
dissection of non-coding RNAs and the generation of mouse mutants. Candidates should have
first-hand experience in general molecular biology techniques, cell culture, mouse manipulation
and microscopy.

Application Details: Candidates interested in these positions (or any of the other research groups) should send a full CV, list of publications, and the names of three referees to:
 -  Professor Jonathan Weitzman (Director) [email protected]
 -  Dr Claire Rougeulle [email protected]

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