Job Description

PhD training in Nuclear Dynamics and Genome Plasticity Lab (Dr Geneviève Almouzni)
- CNRS, Institut Curie, Paris, France

Description: Interested by joining a team working on chromatin dynamics and genome function at the Curie Institute? A strong scientific environment will be available with seminar programs and training through specific courses on Epigenetics.

We have a particular focus on histone chaperones and their function during replication and repair. To gain insight into their function in the nucleus, we plan to examine genome-wide their targeting during the cell cycle and under different physiological conditions (damage). A combination of approaches involving cutting-edge imaging techniques along with ChIP –Seq analysis will be undertaken. An interest in bioinformatics and modelling will be a plus.

Please take a look at our website!

Application Details: To apply, please send a CV, and letter of motivation along with letters of recommendations to the attention of G. Almouzni: [email protected]

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