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PhD Studentship in Chromatin and Gene Regulation
- Faculty of Medicine, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK


At the cutting edge: Using zinc finger nucleases to knockout chromatin regulatory factors

Supervisors: Dr. Adam G. West and Dr. Katherine West

This project will use state-of-the-art zinc finger nuclease (ZFN) technology to knockout key regulators of genome architecture and chromatin structure. Recent advances have shown that ZFNs can be engineered to target nuclease activity to any DNA sequence, allowing the rapid disruption or mutagenesis of genes of interest. This is much faster and more cost efficient than generating transgenic animal knockouts. You will develop ZFNs to target specific genes in cell lines and stem cells. The effects of these knockouts on global chromatin structure, epigenetics, gene expression and stem cell differentiation will be studied using a variety of molecular, biochemical and whole genome techniques.

Funding and eligibility
This project is available both as a three year studentship funded by the Faculty of Medicine Graduate School, and as a four-year studentship funded by the BBSRC.

Qualifications: Academically, candidates must have at least an 2:1 Honours degree in Biochemistry or a related discipline. All offers will be conditional on reaching this standard.

Salary Details:
Three year studentship
The 3yr studentship will provide a stipend of approximately £13,000 per annum, and will also cover the cost of fees (£3300 for home/EU students for session 2008/09). All students are eligible for funding through the Faculty of Medicine Graduate School. However, non-EU citizens will also need an ORS award to pay the additional fees for overseas students.
Closing date: 1st December 2008.

Four year studentship
The 4yr studentship will provide a stipend of £13,290 per annum, and will also cover the cost of fees (£3300 for home/EU students for session 2008/09). These studentships are funded by a UK Research Council and, as such, specific eligibility conditions apply. You need to be either
- a British national who is settled in the UK
- an EU national who has been resident in the UK three years prior to the start of the studentship
- EU nationals who have not been resident qualify for a fees-only award
Closing date: 31st January 2009

Application Details: For more information please contact Dr. Adam West (using the contact link below) or visit Dr Adam West's web page (see more information link below).

For details of the studentships and how to apply, please visit studentship link below.

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