Job Description

Postdoctoral Position: Epigenetics and chromatin in Brassica napus
- Flanders Institute Biotechnology / Ghent University, Gent, Belgium


The project on “Epigenetics and chromatin in Brassica napus” is sponsored by the Bayer CropScience company and aims at investigating the chromatin status in epigenetically-bred Brassica napus lines, analyzing their early development, and identifying and engineering genes that are target of chromatin modification.

Main tasks and objectives:

  • Study of early development of epigenetically-bred Brassica napus lines
  • Analysis of their chromatin status
  • Identification of target genes by ChIP-PCR, ChIP-on-chip or ChIP-seq
  • Overexpression of target genes in Arabidopsis

Duration of post: 3 years


The Department of Plant Systems Biology is located in Ghent (Belgium), a beautiful and friendly city with a large student populationand a dynamic cultural scene. The department is located in a Technology Park together with several Biotech Companies amongst which the Bayer CropScience company. It is a stimulating, dynamic and international scientific environment with over 250 researchers, efficient organization and technical platforms. The department is part of the Flanders Institute of Biotechnology with a mission to do cutting edge research. The project will be done in collaboration with other research groups within and outside the department and with the Bayer CropScience company.


  • PhD in molecular biology, biotechnology or related fields
  • Experience in a variety of molecular biology methods
  • Strong interest in chromatin biology and plant development
  • Good writing, reporting and communication skills in English
  • Young researcher with PhD

Application Details: Interested candidates should send their CV and coordinates of a reference person to: Dr. Mieke Van Lijsebettens, groupleader of the “Chromatin and Growth Control” team

Mieke Van Lijsebettens
Flanders Institute Biotechnology/ Ghent University
Department Plant Systems Biology
Chromatin and Growth Control research unit
Technologiepark 927
9052 Gent
tel: 00 32 (0)9 33 13 970

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Contact: Dr. Mieke Van Lijsebettens

More Information: VIB & Ghent University

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