Job Description

Epigenetics of Long-Range Chromatin Interactions in Human Disease
- Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, CA, USA

Description: A postdoctoral position is immediately available to study the role of genome structure in human health and disease. The position is fully funded for one year in the laboratory of Andrew R. Hoffman

With the completion of the human genome project, we now know the linear sequence of the human genetic code. However, the genome is arranged within the nucleus in a non-random manner, and long-range interactions between DNA elements are emerging as an important level of gene regulation. Interactions between DNA elements can occur over vast genomic distances, and even between chromosomes. Our lab developed a method to biochemically map interactions that occur genome-wide (Science 2006; 312: 5771: 269-72). We use physical interactions between colocalized genes to uncover regulatory interactions that are important for human diseases.

Qualifications: We are eager to hear from highly motivated individuals with a strong background in molecular and cell biology.

Application Details: Please send a C.V. and brief introduction to Professor Andrew R. Hoffman

Contact: Professor Andrew R. Hoffman

More Information: Profile laboratory of Andrew R. Hoffman

Closing Date: 2009-04-15

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