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Postdoctoral position
- Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG), Barcelona, Spain

Description: A postdoc position is available in the group of Thomas Graf. We are seeking a highly motivated, creative person with a PhD in Biology or Biochemistry.

The lab studies mechanisms of hematopoietic differentiation by expression of lineage instructive hematopoietic transcription factors in fully committed cells. Using this approach, we have recently shown that both committed B and T cell precursors can be trans-differentiated into functional macrophages. Array analyses of cells undergoing a B cell to macrophage conversion revealed thousands of genes that become either upregulated or extinguished.

The post holder will determine chromatin modifications during this process and the occupation of transciption factor target genes, using ChIP on chip approaches as well as bioinformatic analyses.

The successful candidate will join an integrated project of the EU on high throughput epigenetics (HEROIC). The CRG is a beautifully located new institute with an international staff.

Qualifications: PhD in Biology or Biochemistry. The candidate should have worked with chromatin and possess good English skills. Expertise in bioinformatics would be a plus.

Salary Details: The contract will be initially for 1 year.

Application Details: Candidates should send a letter, CV, list of publications and email addresses of 3 referees to Thomas Graf, Centre de Regulació Genòmica.

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Contact: Thomas Graf

More Information: CRG

Closing Date: Check with institute

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