Job Description

Postdoctoral scientist in epigenetics/Immunology/Cancer
- Dept of Pathology NYU-SOM, New York, USA

Description: A postdoctoral position is available immediately in the laboratory of Dr. Jane Skok at the Department of Pathology, NYU Medical School in New York to work on a project examining the events that lead up to malignant transformation of developing B cells in pro- and pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL). The aim of the project is to test the hypothesis that nuclear organization is an important factor determining the developmental timing of both initiating and secondary events which ultimately lead to leukaemic transformation of cells during early B cell development.

Qualifications: Interested candidates should have a PhD in immunology, molecular biology, genetics or related fields. This position requires lab techniques including, but not limited to 3-D DNA FISH, confocal microscopy, molecular biology, bioinformatics, cell culture, FACS analysis and chromatin immunoprecipitation. Candidates should be highly motivated, creative and capable of contributing productively as part of a team. The laboratory is located in the Medical School Building of the NYU Medical Center which is in mid-town Manhattan.

Salary Details: Salary and benefits will be commensurate with experience

Application Details: Interested applicants should forward a cover letter, current and future research interests, curriculum vitae, list of publications and the names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of three references by e-mail to:

Jane Skok, Ph. D.
Assistant professor
Dept of Pathology NYU-SOM
550 First Ave, MSB 531
NY, NY 10016

Tel Office: (1) 212 263 0504

Contact: Jane Skok

More Information: Skok lab

Closing Date: Check with institute

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