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Lab Profiles

Listed below are the submitted lab profiles from members of the website. Lab profiles from Network members are indicated by a yellow star 'NoE'.

To view a lab profile summary, click on one of the hyperlinks listed, or to go straight to the full version click on the associated PDF icon. To search for a particular lab, please enter your search criteria in the search box below.

To have your lab profile listed here, lab leaders need first to become a member of the website and then follow directions in the member area to add their lab details to our database.

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Lab Name Affiliation Research Focus Country
Van Lohuizen NoE Netherlands Cancer Institute Netherlands
Van Steensel NoE pdf Netherlands Cancer Institute Chromatin Genomics Netherlands
Varga-Weisz NoE Babraham Institute Nucleosome Dynamics UK
Verrijzer NoE Erasmus University Medical Centre Netherlands
Viegas-Pequignot NoE pdf INSERM U741 Epigenetic, Pathologies and Development France
Walter NoE Saarland University Epigenomics, Nuclear reprogramming, DNA-methylation, Genomic Imprinting Germany
West University of Glasgow The role of chromatin insulator elements in gene expression UK
West, KL University of Glasgow The role of chromatin unfolding proteins in gene expression and DNA repair UK
White Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology UK
Wrange NoE pdf Karolinska Institutet Glucocorticoid Receptor Mediated Chromatin Remodeling Sweden
Wutz NoE pdf Research Institute of Molecular Pathology Mammalian X-chromosome Inactivation Austria
Yaniv NoE Unite Expression Genetique et Maladies France
Yu Imperial College London Proteasome and chromatin regulation UK
Zhou Université Paris XI Histone acetylation homeostasis in control of plant development France
To view the Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) files, download the free adobe acrobat reader from Adobe.