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Lab Profiles

Listed below are the submitted lab profiles from members of the website. Lab profiles from Network members are indicated by a yellow star 'NoE'.

To view a lab profile summary, click on one of the hyperlinks listed, or to go straight to the full version click on the associated PDF icon. To search for a particular lab, please enter your search criteria in the search box below.

To have your lab profile listed here, lab leaders need first to become a member of the website and then follow directions in the member area to add their lab details to our database.

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Lab Name Affiliation Research Focus Country
Akhtar NoE EMBL Germany
Allshire NoE pdf University of Edinburgh RNA Interference, Silent Chromatin and Centromere Integrity UK
Almouzni NoE pdf CNRS/Institut Curie Chromatin Dynamics France
Amati NoE Department of Experimental Oncology Epigenetic determinants of transcription factor binding in eukaryotic genomes. Italy
Angrand Interdisciplinary Research Institute Functional study of histone methylation France
Avner NoE Institut Pasteur France
Bale NoE University of Leeds UK
Barlow NoE pdf CeMM - Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Science Mammalian Embryonic Development and Adult Disease Austria
Baulcombe NoE The Sainsbury Laboratory UK
Becker NoE pdf Adolf-Butenandt-Institute Chromatin Dynamics and Gene Regulation Germany
Berlin NoE Epigenomics AG Germany
Bickmore NoE MRC Human Genetics Unit Integrating Chromosome Structure and Function UK
Bird NoE pdf University of Edinburgh Understanding the DNA Methylation Signal UK
Blasco NoE pdf Spanish National Cancer Institute The protein counting model for telomere length regulation Spain
Bourc'his Institute Jacques Monod UK
Brockdorff NoE X Inactivation Group UK
Busslinger NoE pdf Institute for Molecular Pathology Stem Cell Commitment in Hematopoiesis Austria
Cavalli NoE pdf Institute of Human Genetics Polycomb, the Cell Nucleus and the Regulation of Genome Function France
Colot NoE pdf CNRS Epigenetic Control of Genome Activity in Plants France
Constancia NoE The Babraham Institute Epigenetics and Developmental Programming UK
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