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NameResearch InterestsCountryEmailType
Calvo, Veronica - Spain - Web    
Carrión, Ángel M Neurophysiology of learning and memorySpain@Web    
Carter, David ncRNAs and chromatin structureUK@Web    
Castelo-Branco, Goncalo Myelin, Oligodendrocye development, epigenetic regulation of neural stem cell differentiationSweden@Web    
Cavalli, Giacomo Polycomb, the Cell Nucleus and the Regulation of Genome Function See Lab ProfileFrance@NET   
Celnikier, Fabio - Argentina@Web    
Ceribelli, Michele ChIP on CHIP, Genome wide TFs binding, correlation with histone marksItaly@Web    
Chai, Young Gyu Stem CellKorea - Web    
Chalker, Douglas RNAi-directed DNA rearrangement in Tetrahymena See Lab ProfileUSA@Web    
Chan, Chun-Fung epigenetic regulation of pluripotency genes clusterUK@Web    
Chaneton, Barbara prostate cancerArgentina@Web    
Chavanas, stéphane skin epigeneticsFrance@Web    
Chen, Thomas Cancer epigeneticsUSA@Web    
Chen, Chen - Changsha@Web    
Chilarska, Paulina - UK@Web    
Chlamydas, Sarantis heterochromatin,chromosomal organization in D.melanogasterGermany@Web    
Chotalia, Mita Imprinting and epigenetic mechanisms. See Lab ProfileUK@Web    
Colot, Vincent Epigenetic Control of Genome Activity in Plants See Lab ProfileFrance@NET   
Coneyworth, Lisa - UK - Web    
Constancia, Miguel Epigenetics and Developmental Programming; Physiological roles of imprinted genes; See Lab ProfileUK@NET   
Cordero, Paúl - Spain@Web    
Corona, Davide Functional Network of Chromatin ModificationItaly@Web    
Couldrey, Christine DNA methylation during development, with particular interest in nuclear reprogramming following somatic cell nuclear transferNew Zealand@Web    
Covic, Marcela chromatin acetylation DNA double strand break repair HR and NHEJ in yeastCanada@Web    
Craig, Jeffrey Human pre- and postnatal development, twins, psychiatric epigenetics, leukaemiaAustralia@Web    
1 to 25 of 32 results
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