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NameResearch InterestsCountryEmailType
Dammann, Reinhard Mechanisms of epigenetic inactivation of tumor suppressor genes in cancerGermany@Web    
Dandolo, Luisa genomic imprinting, mouse models, H19-Igf2 locus See Lab ProfileFrance@Web    
Dante, Robert Methyl CpG binding domain proteins and cancerFrance@Web    
dantzer, fran├žoise epigenetics poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation regulation of chromatin structure and functionFrance@Web    
das, arghya - India@Web    
Davoodi, Niloofar - See Lab ProfileSwitzerland@Web    
Dawson, Claire Genetic Imprinting, Transcription, Chromatin, Germ Cell Development See Lab ProfileUK@Web    
de Breed, Lucas Polycomb Proteins, Tumour Suppressor Genes, Stem CellsUK@Web    
De La Barrera, Jaime - Canada - Web    
De La Rosa Velazquez, Inti Histone methylation See Lab ProfileAustria@Web    
de Laat, Wouter genome structure and function See Lab ProfileNetherlands@Assoc   
De Lucia, Filomena polycomb-mediated repressionUK@Web    
De Sanctis, Veronica Histone post-translational modifications, Transcription Regulation, DNA replicationItaly@Web    
De Santis, Francesca Epigenetic and TranscriptionItaly@Web    
Dekker, Frank Farmacochemical development of histone acetyl transferase(HAT) inhibitors to study the function of PCAF and GCN5Netherlands@Web    
DELTOUR, Sophie ncRNA, small coding RNA and transposons elementUK@Web    
Deniaud, Emmanuelle chromatin DNA damage epigenetics See Lab ProfileUK@Web    
DEOBAGKAR, DEEPTI Epigenomics DNA methylation in X inactivation Stress and adaptation Molecular geneticsIndia@Web    
Dequiedt, Franck Biology and Regulation of mammalian HDACs Belgium@Web    
devi, aruna Epigenetics studies on Tissue culture raised plants.CDFD,Hyderabad@Web    
Di Croce, Luciano Epigenetics & Cancer See Lab ProfileSpain@Web    
Dickinson, Hugh Regulation of imprinted gene expression. Polycomb poteins, methylation and chromatin structure. snRNAs in reproductive development.UK@Web    
Dingwall, Andrew Epigenetics Chromatin remodeling CancerUSA@Web    
Diniz, Susana - See Lab ProfileBrazil@Web    
Djabali, Malek Polycomb Trithorax and epigenetics,mouseFrance@Web    
1 to 25 of 32 results
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