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NameResearch InterestsCountryEmailType
Hager, Gordon nuclear receptors chromatin epigenetics cancer See Lab ProfileUSA@Web    
Hajji, Nabil Epigenetic alterations, biomarkers and disease riskUK@Web    
Hake, Sandra Histone Variants and Post-Translational Modifications See Lab ProfileGermany@Web    
HAKIMI, Mohamed-Ali Epigenetic control of Parasites differentiationFrance@Web    
Haycock, Philip Epigenetic epidemiology of complex human diseasesUK@Web    
Heard, Edith Epigenetics, X inactivation, mouse development, nuclear organisation, chromatinFrance@NET   
Helin, Kristian Cancer and cell fate See Lab ProfileDenmark@Assoc   
Hennig, Lars development, epigenome profiling, plant biology, floweringSwitzerland@Web    
Hermanson, Ola The roles of chromatin modifications and modifiers in brain developmentSweden@Web    
Heslop-Harrison, Pat Genome organization, evolution, repetitive DNA, epigenetics, chromatin, nuclear organizationUK@Web    
Higgs, Douglas Chromatin Modification and Human Genetic Disease See Lab ProfileUK@Assoc   
Hill, Jordan - Canada@Web    
Holliday, Louise - UK - Web    
Huang, Qing Cancer epigenetics maining including methylation variable positions, DNA methylation profiles, CpG island or CpG oligonucleotide microarrays, DNA mass spectrometry in DNA methylation analysis, human epigenome projects (HEP), and so on.China@Web    
Hulten, Maj My interest in epigenetics and epigenomics concerns in particular two syndromes, i.e. the ICF and the Rett Syndromes; and more recently the identification of epigenetic biomarkers for noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of common chromosome disorders such as trisomy 21 Down syndrome. I have to this effect founded to SAFE NoE ( UK@Web    
Hvam Hansen, Klaus Cell proliferation, transcription, epigenetics and cancer See Lab ProfileDenmark@Web    
1 to 16 of 16 results
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