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NameResearch InterestsCountryEmailType
Wagner, Doris chromatin remodeling transcriptional reprogramming development See Lab ProfileUSA@Web    
Walsh, Colum Epigenetics Development Cancer FertilityUK@Web    
Walsh, Martin Regulation of nucleosome structure by histone modifying enzymesUSA@Web    
Walsh, Thomas Invertebrate epigenetics, methylation, non coding RNAAustralia@Web    
Walter, Joern Epigenomic Maps See Lab ProfileGermany@Perm   
Walter, Korden - UK@Web    
Wang, Youli Epigenetics in diabetic nephropathyUSA@Web    
Warburton, Peter human centromeres, neocentromeres, CENP-A, heterochromatinUSA@Web    
WEIL, ARMANDO - Mexico - Web    
Weinhaeusel, Andreas CpG Island-Microarrays CancerAustria@Web    
West, Adam Chromatin Insulators/Boundaries, Histone modifications, DNA methylation, microRNA See Lab ProfileUK@Web    
West, Katherine chromatin, transcription, repair See Lab ProfileUK@Web    
Whitehall, Simon Nucleosome assembly HIRA histone chaperonesUK@Web    
Whitehall, Vicki Methylation profiling of colorectal cancer subgroups.Australia@Web    
Wijchers, Patrick Targeting loci for heterochromatic gene silencing See Lab ProfileUK@Web    
Williams, Christopher Erythropoiesis Nuclear OrganisationUK@Web    
Williams, Pat - USA - Web    
Williamson, Christine Genomic Imprinting,Non-coding RNA & Gene Silencing MechanismsUK@Web    
Willuhn, Marc - Belgium - Web    
Wiltshire, John Epigenetics, Chromatin, Nucleosomes, Nuclear receptors and CorepressorsUK@Web    
Wongtawan, Tuempong Epigenetic, chromatin, early development, stem cellUK@Web    
Wongtawan, Busabun Epigenetic, Chromatin, embryo, ES cellUK@Web    
Wongtrakoongate, Patompon Nuclear ReprogrammingThailand@Web    
Wood, Michelle - See Lab ProfileUK@Web    
Wood, Chris Chromatin, Epigenetic modifications, Stem Cells, Epigenetic Marks in CancerUK@Web    
1 to 25 of 32 results
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