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NameResearch InterestsCountryEmailType
Rakyan, Vardhman Epigenetic Inheritance Inter-individual epigenetic variation complex diseaseUK@Web    
Ramos, Ester - Brazil@Web    
Rato, Mafalda Oocyte and embryo cryopreservation, oocyte and embryo culture and aspects of quality; relation between in vitro gametogenesis and early development and imprinting patterns establishment and maintenancePortugal@Web    
rawat, sanjay epigenetics and chromatin remodellingIndia@Web    
Raychaudhuri, Nupur Epigenetic control of Glucose transporters in IUGR rodent modelUSA@Web    
Rea, Stephen Epigenetic regulation of gene expression. Histone modifications in normal development and disease. See Lab ProfileUK@Web    
Reddy, Venkateswara Gene Silencing, Chromatin RemodellingIndia - Web    
reddy, Maheshwar Transcriptional and post transcriptional gene silencing India@Web    
Reddy, Naga Srikar Chromatin modifications Non-coding RNA and gene silencingIndia@Web    
Redhouse, Juliet Silencing, Polycomb, nuclear organisation, insulators, histone modificationsUK@Web    
Reik, Wolf Imprinting and epigenetic reprogramming in mammalian development See Lab ProfileUK@Perm   
Remy, J-J Epigenetic and genetic control of chemosensory neuronesFrance@Web    
Reuter, Gunter Non-coding RNA & Gene Silencing See Lab ProfileGermany@Perm   
Reyes, Jose C. Chromatin remodeling and proteins of the SNF2 family in animals and plants. Epigenetics and development.Spain@Web    
RIAZ, kashif Gene silencing and epigeneticsFrance@Web    
Ricupero, Christopher Neural Stem Cells microRNAs HDACs methylation USA@Web    
Rine, Jasper - USA@SAB   
Ringrose, Leonie - See Lab ProfileAustria@NET   
Rios, Álvaro Embryo development, Chromatin structure, ncRNA,cancer Genomic imprinting.Brazil@Web    
Rishi, Gautam - India@Web    
Riviere, Guillaume Epigenetic regulation of genes involved in development and reproduction of the oysterFrance@Web    
Rogakou, Emmy Chromatin dynamics with implications in pathogenesis, apoptosis, development, and aging. Greece@Web    
Rojas, Bill Regeneration, Epigenetic ModificationUSA@Web    
Roldan-Arjona, Teresa Influence of DNA methylation/demethylation on gene silencing dynamics Spain@Web    
Rondot Radìo, Pedro Serum Bank for protoemic and transcriptomic study in cancer patientsArgentina@Web    
1 to 25 of 32 results
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