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NameResearch InterestsCountryEmailType
Gabellini, Davide Tissue-specific gene expression, Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy, DNA repetive elements See Lab ProfileItaly@Web    
Gargiulo, Gaetano Chromatin and transcriptionItaly@Web    
Gasser, Susan Nuclear Organization and Subnuclear Compartments See Lab ProfileSwitzerland@Perm   
Gatta, Raffaella - Italy@Web    
Gautam, Mukkesh Cellular endocrinology,Transgenesis, Reproductive Biology, Stem cell biology, spermatogonial stem cell studies, epigenetics,genetic imprinting, cancer.India@Web    
Gavin, Kelsey - See Lab ProfileUK@Assoc   
George, Aman Cloning India@Web    
Georges, Michel Epigenomic MapsBelgium@Assoc   
Gerasimaite, Ruta Specific interactions between proteins and DNA; mechanism of DNA cytosine methylation catalysis; AdoMet See Lab ProfileLithuania@Web    
Gerle, Borbala histone lysine methylation See Lab ProfileAustria@Web    
Gerstenmaier, Uwe DNA methylation (analysis), Epigenetics, Pyrosequencing See Lab ProfileGermany@Web    
Giadrossi, Sara chromatin and cell differentiationItaly@Web    
Gilbert, David Developmental Regulation of DNA Replication See Lab ProfileUSA@Web    
Gilson, Eric Telomeric and Epigenetic Regulation See Lab ProfileFrance@Assoc   
Goetze, Silke Epigenetics and Wnt signalling pathwayGermany@Web    
Golden, Aaron Epigenetic Regulation of Gene Expression, AI Techniques in Bioinformatics, Data miningIreland@Web    
Goodhardt, Michele Haematopoietic stem cell differentiationFrance@Web    
Gratchev, Alexei - Germany@Web    
Gray, Steven epigeneticsIreland@Web    
Greally, John Whole-genome epigenetic studies Bioinformatic studies of epigenetic organisation Genomic imprinting Epigenomics and human complex diseases See Lab ProfileUSA@Web    
Grosshans, Helge microRNAs, RNA-mediated gene silencing See Lab ProfileSwitzerland@Web    
Grossniklaus, Ueli Xi & Imprinting See Lab ProfileSwitzerland@Perm   
Grosveld, Frank Transcriptional MemoryNetherlands@Perm   
Groth, Anja Chromatin, Replication, Histone dynamics (    
Grummt, Ingrid Mechanisms that Establish the Epigenetic State of rRNA Genes See Lab ProfileGermany@Perm   
1 to 25 of 32 results
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