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NameResearch InterestsCountryEmailType
Jang, Yeun Kyu Role of histone code in chromatin dynamics and gene regulation in fission yeast; Role of histone methylation and demethylation in tumorigenesis See Lab ProfileKorea@Web    
Jaritz, Markus Bioinformatics Solexa Affymetrix See Lab ProfileAustria@Web    
Jasiulionis, Miriam Cancer epigeneticsBrazil@Web    
jean-jacques, Remy Epigenetic and genetic controls in C. elegans sensory neurones France@Web    
Jedrusik-Bode, Monika Linker histone H1, sirtuins, macro domain in C elegans See Lab ProfileGermany@Web    
Jenuwein, Thomas Epigenetic Control by Histone Methylation See Lab ProfileAustria@Perm   
Jerónimo, Carmen Epigenetics, Molecular detection of cancer, Uropathology, Cancer biomarkers See Lab ProfilePortugal@Web    
Jha, Deepak Epigenetics, Cancer, ChromatinIndia - Web    
John, Rosalind Genomic imprinting Epigenetics and disease Transgenic mouse models Stem cells See Lab ProfileUK@Web    
Jones, Peter - USA@SAB   
Jorgensen, Helle Epigenetics stem cells cell commitmentUK - Web    
Joseph, Bertrand Epigenetic control of programmed cell death See Lab ProfileSweden@Web    
Jozsi, Peter - USA@Web    
juncos, guillermo - USA@Web    
Jung, Manfred Inhibitor synthesis and in-vitro assay develoment/screening. Histone deacetylases, sirtuins, histone acetyltransferases, histone methyltransferases, histone demethylases See Lab ProfileGermany@Web    
Junien, Claudine Nutritional epigenomic of metabolic syndromeFrance@Web    
Jurado, Juan Carlos Cardiovascular epigenetics cardiomolecular epidemiology Stem cell and epigenetics Cardiovascular risk and epigeneticsColombia@Web    
Jurinke, Christian - Germany@Web    
1 to 18 of 18 results
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